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Villas in Crete are offered to you via Cretico in various styles, budgets, type of services and locations. On our search page, you will find more than 470 holiday villas, all of them responding to our high quality  standards. As it is quite difficult for some travelers to find the perfect villa for them, we have created the “Villas In Crete” tag in our blog, referring to posts about villas listed on Cretico.

Through these posts, we have tried to categorize our villas according to different criteria. The reviews they have received (Crete Holiday Villas – Top rated Options), the location (Holiday Homes in Akrotiri), their decor (Top 10 Home Decors), their architectural design (Most Inspired Villas In Crete), their type (Crete Family Villas, Luxury Villa Rentals, Traditional Villas In Crete), e.t.c.

You may also check our two guides (Crete Villas – The Ultimate Holidays Accommodation Guide, Tips For A Perfect Crete Holiday Villa) , including tips and recommendations to find your perfect holiday villa in Crete!